Sun Valley Potatoes
About Idaho Potatoes

About Idaho Potatoes

Why Idaho?

The scenic mountains in the great state of Idaho collect snow all winter long. The snow melts crystal clear water into large surface and underground reservoirs. That snow water is used to irrigate potatoes with the perfect amount of water, and results in healthy soil for optimum root and plant development. The soil found in Idaho, specifically in the Magic Valley where our “Famous Potatoes” are produced, consists of carefully balanced enzymes, microorganisms, nutrients, and pH that maximize the nutritional value, flavor, and appearance of the “perfect potato.”


Potatoes are a great source of potassium. In fact, a single potato contains more potassium than one banana. One medium sized potato has about 45% of your daily Vitamin C and about 25% of your Vitamin B6 intake. A medium sized potato only has about 115 calories and supplies 8% of your daily fiber. Potatoes are also Gluten free.


The best place to store potatoes is in a cool, dry, dark and well ventilated area. If potatoes are stored correctly they should last about two weeks.

Cooking Tips

How to cook Idaho potatoes:

  • Make sure to wash your potatoes with cool water and a potato scrubber before cooking them.
  • To prevent cut potatoes from becoming discolored, cook them immediately, or put them in cold water with lemon juice.
  • Idaho potatoes can be cooked any way. They are great baked, fried, mashed, and roasted. Potatoes are a great addition to any meal.