Sun Valley Potatoes
Why Sun Valley

Why Sun Valley

Our Valley is Magical

The unique environment in the heart of the Magic Valley provides nearly perfect growing conditions. The soil, water, clean air, and climate that can only be found in this region, contribute to the high-quality potatoes that have made Idaho famous for years. The Magic Valley’s rich volcanic soil, warm, sunny days, cool nights, and the water from melting snow in nearby mountains, create the perfect combination for growing the world’s best potatoes.

We’re a Co-Operative

Sun Valley Potatoes is the first grower-owned potato cooperative in Idaho. We own and operate our packing and shipping facility. Our growers take pride in supplying you with high quality potatoes from field to table. Our mission is simple: by sharing in the production of quality potatoes, customers, staff, and members will see the results of the success.

Our Production Plant is the Best!

Not only are our growing practices better — our fresh packing is beyond compare! Sun Valley Potatoes, Inc. uses only the latest in packing technology, and our inspectors are second-to-none. Custom tailored for our customers’ needs, our product is available in a variety of sizes and containers. 

We Sell Hand-Picked Goodness

The Russet Burbank and Norkotah potatoes in our famous gift boxes are hand picked and triple washed to ensure customers are getting the highest quality potatoes possible. Rest assured, when you order our gift box, you will not be disappointed. Once you try one, we are sure you will want to share with your friends and family.